Friday, 14 February 2014

Lord of Misrule | LUSH Bath Bomb

If like me you are partial to a nice relaxing bath to dissolve the days troubles and woes, it's a no brainer to look to Lush for a delicious smelling bath bomb to take that bath from an average soak to a luxurious, pampering event.

I was kindly bought the Lord of Misrule bath bomb for Christmas which has lovely rich, earthy, warm scents which is perfect for the nippy, gloomy weather England is experience at the moment. The bomb is said to have vanilla, black pepper and patchouli oil which I am not really too sure how I would describe; who knew black pepper had a scent?! But it is so lovely and warming. It does have a kind of Christmassy vibe without taking you back to the midst of presents, turkey and mistletoe in one whiff. It is supposed to resemble a party hat though.. but that's fine - I love to party.

Once plopped into the bath, it starts bubbling around and marbling the water with red and green swirls. When it's short but rather pretty life has come to an end, you are left with a rather deep, blood red water - be sure to warn your partner, mum, whoever is in the house with you that you haven't had the worlds worst disaster with a razor, just a little maxin relaxin sesh with a bath bomb. It does look a little gory.

When you get out and dry yo body from all the suds and you are nice and relaxed, you are left with the scent lingering on the skin. The bathroom afterwards smelt SO nice, I definitely wish Lush did room sprays (and if they do how comes I didn't know about this?!) After I love to pop on fresh pyjammas, change the sheets and watch either YouTube or catch up on what ever drivel takes my fancy on catch up and continue to unwind until the land of nod calls.

If you haven't got much planned tonight for Valentines or wish that the day didn't exist all together, my advice would be this - a hot bath, a few chunks of chocolate (my preference is galaxy if you fancy sharing?) a face mask, a onesie, The Notebook, a shovel and a bucket of ice cream :D YESSS. I am planning to have a date night with le lover, my sister, a curry and not much else. Spending tonight with a full belly and two of my all time favourite people - don't think you can get much better?

Let me know if you have tried this bomb! What are your favourite Lush products?

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