Wednesday, 6 November 2013

This is England.

So this outfit is a little mix of textures, colours and price ranges that I threw together to go see a medium  or clairvoyant (if you would like a post on my experience with the medium then I would be more than happy to share it with you!)

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't then why the hell not?! tehe) then you will know that this lacy blouse is not a new purchase. This number which kinda looks like it has been made from net curtains was a charity shop find in my favourite shop in Hunstanton. My tummy turned as soon as I saw it and thought - my god, why has no one else picked this up?! It was clearly my lucky day! I really love the detail on this blouse and think it such a great item to dress up or down even if it does look like it should be hanging at my window.

Under the collar is a gold band necklace from River Island. I like the subtle gold hit it gives to the outfit whilst dressing it up ever so slightly.

I added my trusty camo jacket over the top which was an eBay purchase. What I love about this is that is a genuine army jacket, who knows if someone has been doing some serious army activities in this or what not but I quite like the idea of it having a little history to it. It is so warm too and is such good quality. It is a little oversized which I love and has so many pockets which is completely irrelevant but it is definitely a plus when purchasing a coat. Who knows what wonderous things you will need to store on your travels?!

To tie the outfit together I wore my new Dr Marten Flora Chelsea boots in this beautiful dark red colour. I think they go really well with the jacket and my new-ish hair colour. The whole outfit to me reminds me of This is England which if you haven't seen then I would highly recommend. The girls in it <3 ughhhh so delish. I wore little frilly socks that peep out ever so slightly to give a touch of girlyness.

My bag is from Zara :)

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  1. This outfit is really lovely! Love the lace blouse. x

  2. Love the lace! xx

  3. love this outfit, that lace blouse goes surprisingly well with the camo jacket xx

  4. Like how you teamed the lace with the camo :)