Sunday, 1 September 2013

HYPE; Baby Lips

Wearing Baby Lips Peach Kiss
Maybelline Baby Lips are nothing new to all the YouTube and blog addicts. First seen in America on the likes of Macbarbie but not being available in the UK, left us English roses feeling neglected and wanting a fix of the hyped up, glorified chap stick.
So when Baby Lips finally crossed the pond, girls flocked to the nearest stockists clearing the shelves and onto my instagram feed faster than a fast thing.
I must admit I wasn't overly bothered about this product but on my rummage around the beauty section in Tesco, I spotted these pastel pretties marked as 2 for £5.00 - it would be rude not to!
With a selection of colours and pretty pastel packaging, the range had the following 'flavours' to choose from:-
Hydrate, Peach Kiss, Pink Punch, Grape Vine, Cherry Me & Peppermint.
I decided that I have possibly every shade of pink lipstick available so decided on Peach Kiss which is a nude, slightly shimmery balm. It is extremely close to my natural lip colour and gives a similar shine pay off as a lip gloss. It glides on nicely and lasted for a good hour that I could consciously feel it on my lips. I am unsure if it gives the 8 hour moisture that it claims however they did feel supple and pampered whilst it lasted.
The 'flavour' of this lip balm is DELICIOUS! It smells so sweet and yummy and has a slight peachy flavour which lasts as long as the coverage on the lips. It isn't overpowering at all and I thoroughly enjoyed using this balm.
My next choice of the Baby Lips balms is the Hydrate variation. As it is has no colour pay off, it allows the natural colour of your lips to shine through so if you prefer a little more colour on your lippies, this would be perfect to put on at bed time to keep them moisturised until the morn.
Hydrate is fragrance free so is completely inoffensive and is perfect for layering under other products such as matte lipsticks that tend to dry out the skin. Equally, it looks lovely on its own for a simple, fuss free, glossy look.
Maybelline claim that lips are renewed after just one week of using the balms and I think I would have to question as to how often you would need to apply for this to be true but with an average rating on their website of 4 out of 5 stars, I am willing to give these a good go and at £5.00 for two it really isn't going to break the bank!
Overall I think these are a great, pocket money friendly beauty buy that looks great in any make up bag but also smells and tastes lovely too. Whilst I don't think it lasts as long as it promises, its great for a quick burst of moisture and will soon be finding their home as an essential in my hand bag!


  1. the packaging of these baby lips are sooooo cute :) I haven't reached for these yet as I don't really think they're my cup of tea.
    Enjoy pretty lady! xx

    1. i know, the colours of the packaging is sooo pretty! I was the same really, not bothered by them but I thought I would see what the hype is about and must say I have been reapplying throughout the day at work but not long lasting at all!
      Mwah xx

  2. Really want to get my hands on these, they look great! I am a new follower, love your blog xxx

    1. Ah thanks for following sweet :)
      They smell/taste great but beware they are not as long lasting as other balms/chapsticks around!
      Let me know what you think if you do give them a try.

  3. These look really good, my friend bought a couple of these!

    1. The flavours are the best part for sure! Try and steal a quick swipe of hers before you get your own sweet


  4. I love baby lips. So good!

    Jes |